Water Line Services in Salisbury, MD

Water Line Repair, Replace & Install

If you need water or sewer line services in Salisbury, MD, Alan’s Plumbing Service is available to repair or replace your lines. We work to find the problem with your sewer line, fix it, and make sure that it doesn’t have the same issue again. Sewer lines may become damaged because of the age of the pipe or how the area around it changes. You could also have a major clog that cracks the pipe and send sewer into your home or yard!

Problems we Can Fix:

  • We offer sewer line repair services for broken pipes that crack because of settling from the soil or freezing temperatures.
  • Corroded pipes can sometimes cause cracks or broken spots in the sewer line. We can assess the damage and fix the pipe, so it allows waste to move efficiently again.
  • We can fix blockages from objects, roots and grease.

Water Line Replacement

If you have a broken water line, you will need to have it replaced. You may also have dirt or other minerals coming into the water in your home because of a cracked water line. If you observe a big decrease in your water pressure, this is a good sign that you have an issue with your water line or a different pipe. Water line replacement requires digging up your pipe to replace it and make sure that everything is connected properly so that you can have healthy water in your home.

Other Reasons for Replacing Your Water Line

  • You purchase an old home and want the plumbing and water lines replaced. If there are too many issues with older pipes, some new homeowners want to replace all of the plumbing in the home.
  • You want to update your old pipe because the extensive repairs are too costly.
  • You’ve had your old pipe repaired too many times.
  • Your water bill is extremely high. You want your faulty water line replaced to lower your water bills and raise your water pressure.
  • It is an older line that you want moved to accommodate a new home or landscaping feature on your property.

Water Line Installation

Alan’s Plumbing Service offers a new water line installation to homeowners building a home. You may also be adding on to your home and want to replace the water line if we are already working on your other plumbing issues. Whether you are remodeling or building a house from the ground up, we can come to install a new water line, so your home can provide the fresh, clean water you deserve.

Maintaining Your Water Quality

  • If you get a new water line and you do not like the quality of your water, consider a whole house water filtration system. Filters help take out chemicals, minerals, and other hazards so you can drink clean water.
  • Get a maintenance plan, so you can have your water and plumbing checked regularly. This will help you avoid leaking pipes and other unexpected plumbing issues.
  • Have your water tested, so you know what you are consuming with your water. If you don’t like the results, talk to us about how you can have healthier water in your home.
  • Inspect the pipes in your home that people don’t regularly see to make sure you don’t have any slow leaks or slow drains. Doing this can help you detect issues well before they alert you on because of an emergency.

Replacing and Installing water lines is something we are used to regularly doing at Alan’s Plumbing Service. You may have issues because of a significant storm, or an aging home has water and plumbing problems that were neglected. No matter your situation, it is important to have all issues with sewer and water lines repaired as soon as possible, so the problem doesn’t get worse. Call our office to discuss your concerns and get an estimate for repairs and services regarding the sewer or water systems in your home.