Water Testing & Filtration Experts

Water Filtration System Services

Water filtration systems help protect your home from toxins, minerals, bad tastes, and smelly water. Your water may or may not be healthy to ingest, so contacting us for your water filtration system service install & replace needs can allow us to help you drink water that is high quality and safe.

Health Benefits of a Home Filtration System

  • A water filter system can remove arsenic. Some tap water has elevated levels of arsenic, which raises cancer risks.
  • Aluminum is found in tap water and causes many diseases and disabilities. A water filter can help eliminate the aluminum in your water.
  • Chorine is usually used to disinfect your tap water. While it does kill things that would otherwise be in your drinking water, it is sometimes just as harmful.
  • Many communities have fluoride in their water system. Fluoride is known to be good for oral health, but it is also linked to many health problems.
  • The bottled water you use is linked to health problems because of the plastic used to make the bottles. Some bottled water is known just to be bottled tap water!
  • Some people start with a sink filtration system and then realize the negative effects of using the unfiltered water to shower in or wash clothing that is against our bodies. If your tap water has harmful chemicals in it, it may be just as bad to take showers with the toxic water. A whole home water filtration system can supply clean water in all areas of the home and give everyone peace-of-mind.

Water Testing Services

If you think you have a problem with your water, Alan’s Plumbing Services supplies water testing services for the community of Salisbury. We take a sample of your water and have it tested for carcinogenic toxins and other chemicals and minerals that may make your water look murky or smell bad. Once you have a test, you will know exactly what lurks in the water in your home and be able to work with us to find a filter solution for your home. You may have good water but too many minerals in it, leading to hard water build up. A water softener could be a better choice if the results of your test don’t show any toxins or elevated levels of chlorine that are unhealthy.

Who Gets Water Testing Services?

  • Homeowners that have small children or older people that live in their home. Many are concerned about people with weakened immune systems drinking tap water and want to make sure it is safe.
  • Many people get water testing because the chlorine bothers them. It is used to disinfect the tap water, but it can also make people sick from the smell or taste.
  • Discolored water can spark a homeowner’s curiosity, so they call for testing services. Discolored water may also be the pipes!

Water Softeners

Alan’s Plumbing Service offers residents of Salisbury, MD, installation of water softeners and repair services. If you have hard water or a tankless water heater, you may want to invest in a water softener system to avoid the long-term damage that comes from hard water.

Hard Water

  • You may see scale and lime deposits on your large and small appliances. Hard water can weaken your appliances and cause you to have to replace them more often. Maintaining appliances with hard water issues requires repair services and maintenance calls that you can avoid with a water softener system.
  • Your kitchen can accumulate hard water stains in the sink or around the faucet. You may also notice that your cookware and dishes don’t look clean enough and try to wash them repeatedly. This dirty look is usually spotting and stains from the hard water.
  • Your clothing looks faded more often because of hard water. A water softener can help your clothes feel softer and look brighter.