Sewer Line Service Specialists

Sewer Line Repair, Replace & Install

Alan’s Plumbing service provides help for sewer line problems in Salisbury, MD. We are confident that we can repair your problem or replace the line so you can have your house back in working order again. Many people need sewer line repair services because of storms, problems with the city line, clogging, tree roots, and old pipes. We have the equipment and experience to find a solution to your sewer line problems.

Who Needs Sewer Line Repair Services?

  • If you have sewer backing up into your drains, you need repair services.
  • There is a sewer line issue if you have clogged drains in more than one area of your home. If your toilet and shower aren’t working, you probably have an issue in your sewer line.
  • Noises coming from your toilet or shower that sound like gurgling can be a sewer line problem.
  • You may also notice that flushing your toilet can affect your bathtub or sink!
  • If your lawn starts to get soggy without adding water, your sewer line could have a leak or be broken.

Sewer Line Replacement

Replacing a sewer line involves digging up an area in your yard to remove the old line and install a new one. Replacement is necessary when repairing the pipe is impossible or too complicated. It is vital to get a new line right away if the old one is broken and leaking sewer under your lawn or into your home. Raw sewage is a hazard for everyone.

Reasons for Sewer Line Replacement Services

  • If your pipe is broken because of tree roots. You will probably need a replaced line.
  • If you have a problem with the soil under the sewer line, it could’ve shifted the pipe and broke it. Sometimes this is a replacement job instead of a repair job.
  • There is a blockage that caused a break in the pipe. This break may be too large or expensive to fix. Therefore, it is just easier to install a new line. You will also have to worry less about reoccurring problems.
  • Older pipes tend to deteriorate and eventually need replacing.

Sewer Line Installation

We can come to your property in Salisbury and install new piping and a sewer line for a home you are building. We work with home builders to provide reliable and high-quality services for new homes. Having a professional install your sewer line increases the longevity of your sewer system and allows you to ask the questions you need to know about maintaining your new plumbing system.

Tips to Maintain Your Sewer Line

  • Consider where your sewer line is in regards to landscaping. You may never need to replace your sewer line or have your yard dug up, but consider it when you put major features on your property.
  • Make sure you get an insurance policy that covers your sewer line. Sometimes this is hard to find, but they are out there!
  • If you purchase a new home, instead of building one, have us inspect the sewer system, so you know the status.
  • Don’t put anything down a drain that shouldn’t be flushed or put in a garbage disposal.
  • Use a hair trap in the bathroom.
  • Have your sewer line inspected for roots if you move into an older home. You may be able to have the roots removed before they grow into a problem that requires new installation.
  • Consider a maintenance plan, so your plumbing gets checked regularly. One way to avoid costly repairs and replacement services is a maintenance plan. If your sewer system is inspected once or twice a year, any problems should be noticed before having to have new sewer line installation as a result of something that wasn’t caught beforehand.