• Protecting Your Plumbing from Freezing in Your Salisbury, MD, Home


    When winter arrives, sometimes it is without warning.  Temperatures can drop quickly, and your pipes can freeze if they aren’t adequately protected.  Consider planning for cold weather so that your pipes don’t freeze.  These tips should help you prepare for the cold temperatures and help prev[...]

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  • Reasons to Get a New Toilet this Fall


    If you think you need a new toilet because the one you have is old or keeps needing to be repaired, then getting it replaced before the coldest months of the year is a good idea.  The freezing temperatures in Salisbury, MD, are awful on plumbing that isn’t in good condition.  If your toilet has [...]

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  • Tips for Fall Water Heater Care


    Water heater maintenance is crucial as we move into colder months in Salisbury, MD.   If you want to make sure that your water heater is ready for company, holidays, and long showers, consider having it checked by a professional this fall. Increase the Efficiency of Your Water Heater One of [...]

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  • Have Your Drains Checked This Fall to Avoid These Common Problems


    It is time to start thinking about avoiding the common plumbing issues that happen during the fall months in Salisbury, MD.  The best way to avoid plumbing problems is to inspect the plumbing in and around your home regularly and be aware of changes. Blocked Drains You may notice that your si[...]

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  • Signs You Need Your Well Pump Replaced


    There are many benefits of having a well on your property.  Sometimes, the benefits are so great that you can forget about having it serviced regularly.  If you are having trouble with your well, well pump or plumbing in your Salisbury, MD home this summer, Alan’s Plumbing Service is availab[...]

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  • Prevent Basement Flooding


    Once your basement floods, the cleanup process is extensive.  You may have a plumbing issue and a problem with cleaning up a mess that can destroy your carpeting and furniture in your basement.  You may also have to repair or replace parts of the structure of your home and paint. One of the[...]

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  • Have You Pipes Inspected This Summer


    There are many good reasons to have your pipes inspected during the summer months in Salisbury, MD.  Scheduling a preventative maintenance appointment is an effective way to make sure that your pipes won’t clog during the hot summer months. Have your water line checked to make sure it is in [...]

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  • 7 Signs You Have a Sewer Line Problem


    If you have plumbing problems at your home in Salisbury, MD, it could be your sewer line.  You could have an isolated clog in one of your drains, or there may be a problem with the sewer line on your property. There are a few ways to tell if you have a problem with your sewer line versus an isolate[...]

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