When winter arrives, sometimes it is without warning.  Temperatures can drop quickly, and your pipes can freeze if they aren’t adequately protected.  Consider planning for cold weather so that your pipes don’t freeze.  These tips should help you prepare for the cold temperatures and help prevent your pipes from freezing and bursting.

If You Leave Home, Keep the Heat On!

Keeping your heat above 50 degrees Fahrenheit usually protects your plumbing in the colder winter months.  If you go on vacation, keeping your heat on can help you avoid burst pipes and water damage.  If you have someone watching your house, don’t forget to show them where the water shutoff valves are, just in case there is an emergency plumbing situation!

Open Doors

When it is cold, consider opening the doors to your cabinets, basement, and garage if you have plumbing in these colder areas.  You should also keep the heat flowing throughout your home, so keeping interior doors open to allow for proper airflow is vital in the winter months.  Having enough heat surrounding your pipes is the key to keeping them from bursting.

Check for a Draft

Check your home for holes or cracks where cold air enters.  Also, check your cabinets under your sinks and other places where you have pipes, and there may be a draft.  If you have pipes in an attic or garage, making sure that the plumbing is well insulated can help you keep them from freezing.

Heating Tape and Insulation

Insulation or heating tape can help keep your pipes from freezing in freezing temperatures.  Plumbing located in areas of your home that aren’t well heated should have additional protection from the cold temperatures.  If you can’t reach the pipes that need extra insulation, insulating a whole area to combat the winter is another option.

If you have concerns about your pipes freezing in the winter, contact Alan’s Plumbing Service for a plumbing inspection!  We can help you find solutions, so your plumbing is protected from the freezing weather.


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