If you think you need a new toilet because the one you have is old or keeps needing to be repaired, then getting it replaced before the coldest months of the year is a good idea.  The freezing temperatures in Salisbury, MD, are awful on plumbing that isn’t in good condition.  If your toilet has leaks or clogs a lot, the cold can make it worse.


If you have a toilet that leaks around the base or because of a crack, it is time to replace it.  These leaks can be water or sewage!  Either way, the damage to your flooring can be extensive before you ever know that there is a big problem.  You may also notice that your water bill is increasing without a drastic increase in usage.  A professional can quickly determine if your toilet is the cause.

A toilet not only has external leaks, but the unit can have internal leaks too! Interior leaks can mean replacing your toilet is the right solution for the long-term, or you can decide on the required repairs.

An Older Toilet

If you have an older toilet, replacing it in the fall will allow you also to have the plumbing around it inspected to make sure it is all secure and ready for the coldest months of the year.  Consider replacing older toilets if you must plunge them a lot, or if they require repeated calls for repair services.

Modern Conveniences

You may want more of a modern toilet or even something that comes with unique technology.  Consider upgrading to something that you like before freezing temperatures arrive so that you aren’t inconvenienced by having a home that isn’t fully functioning while your toilet gets upgraded.

Whether you have your toilet replaced because it is broken and you must have a replacement or because you want to upgrade, it is always easier to have plumbing work done before the weather becomes freezing.  Consider having your plumbing inspected as well so that you go into winter, knowing that your plumbing is ready for the freezing temperatures.



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