It is time to start thinking about avoiding the common plumbing issues that happen during the fall months in Salisbury, MD.  The best way to avoid plumbing problems is to inspect the plumbing in and around your home regularly and be aware of changes.

Blocked Drains

You may notice that your sink isn’t draining correctly.  A slow drain may mean that you have a worse problem further down the pipe.  A drain strainer can help stop food and debris from going down a sink while getting your drains cleaned can help push through blockages that are further down the pipe.

Multiple Back-Ups

If you notice that you have problems with back-ups in your home when you run the water in one area, this is usually a sewer line issue.  If you have a clog in your main sewer line, then your secondary drain lines can all back up when one is carrying wastewater away.  Having your main sewer line checked is essential for your home plumbing to work correctly.

The Problem May Be Outside!

With all the fall leaves and debris from wind, you may have a blocked drainage issue that is outside.  If your drain covers are open and not protecting your outside drains adequately, they can easily get clogged with leaves and grass clippings.  A good cleaning and proper drain covers will keep your entire system working well.

Leaky Pipes

It is possible to catch leaky main lines or secondary lines with regular drain cleaning.  The more build-up that occurs in a pipe, the more likely it is for the pipe to leak.  Leaks can cause structural damage to your home or problems with your soil.  Regular inspections can ensure your pipes and drains are in excellent condition any time of the year.

Preventative Maintenance Starts at Home

While drain cleaning can help you avoid many common plumbing issues, you can also inspect your plumbing regularly to make sure it is healthy.  Check your pipes and drains to make sure you don’t have any odd smells or sounds coming from them.  Inspect the outside of all your plumbing pipes to make sure they haven’t shifted and aren’t discolored.

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