Signs You Need Your Well Pump Replaced

There are many benefits of having a well on your property.  Sometimes, the benefits are so great that you can forget about having it serviced regularly.  If you are having trouble with your well, well pump or plumbing in your Salisbury, MD home this summer, Alan’s Plumbing Service is available for repairs, inspections, and maintenance.  At times, a well pump needs a replacement, so that you continue getting quality water to your home properly.

  • If you have a high electric bill, this may be a sign that your well pump runs continuously to try to provide your home with the right water pressure. If you’ve checked everything else and can’t find the reason for your high bill, it could be the well pump.
  • If your water looks like it has dirt in it, then your well pump isn’t working right.
  • If you don’t know the age of your well pump and your water doesn’t have the right pressure, it may be time for a replacement.
  • Noises coming from your faucets means that you need a replacement or repairs.
  • If you are completely out of the water, this could be because your well is dry, or your well pump isn’t working.

Well failure is when your water supply runs out.  This could be because of a drought or other reason that your water has run dry.  If you just don’t have water coming from your faucets, it may be a problem with the equipment instead of the water drying up.  Another symptom of running out of well water is damaged plumbing.  If you have a broken pipe, the water could still be in the well, but it isn’t able to travel to your faucets.  No matter what causes the problems you have with your well, having it serviced will give you the answers you need to take the next steps toward maintaining your healthy water supply.

Alan’s Plumbing Service is happy to assist you with all your well pump replacement needs.  We can diagnose the situation and make sure your well is producing water correctly again.

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