Prevent Basement Flooding with Alan's Plumbing Services

Once your basement floods, the cleanup process is extensive.  You may have a plumbing issue and a problem with cleaning up a mess that can destroy your carpeting and furniture in your basement.  You may also have to repair or replace parts of the structure of your home and paint.

One of the best ways to combat your basement flooding is to make sure that all your plumbing is checked and maintained.  If you have a summer maintenance list, adding a plumbing check-up to that list is a fantastic way to prevent problems with your basement flooding in Salisbury, MD, during the colder months of the year.

More than one backed-up drain is a sign that you have a problem with your sewer line.  Having your drains and sewer line checked for clogs regularly can prevent them from backing up into your bathroom, kitchen, or basement.

You can prevent backed up drains by making sure that what you put in your toilet, sink, or garbage disposal aren’t things that clog drains.  If you use drain strainers, they will help you collect hair, food, and other items that would usually slip down a drain accidentally.

While your plumbing isn’t the only reason your basement can flood, it is one of the major reasons for flooding in basements.  With regular inspections and drain cleanings, you can be assured that your plumbing is reliable and shouldn’t cause a flood in your basement or other areas of your home.

Avoid Putting These Items Down Your Drains:

  • Coffee grounds.
  • Conditioners and hair products that don’t breakdown in water.
  • Grease and oils.
  • Raw vegetable peels or banana peels. These shouldn’t go into the garbage disposal.
  • Anything that is plastic.
  • Diaper wipes.

It is good to talk with the other members of your household about taking care of your plumbing system to avoid clogs.  If everyone knows what can and can’t go down drains, it is easier to keep them clear of debris and buildup.

If you’d like to have your drains cleaned or sewer line inspected this summer, Alan’s Plumbing Service in Salisbury can come to inspect the plumbing in your house and make sure your sewer line and other drains are working correctly.


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