If you have plumbing problems at your home in Salisbury, MD, it could be your sewer line.  You could have an isolated clog in one of your drains, or there may be a problem with the sewer line on your property. There are a few ways to tell if you have a problem with your sewer line versus an isolated clog in one of the pipes in your home.

  1. If you have problems in more than more room in your home, the signs point to it being a sewer line issue.
  2. If you have sewage backing up into your drains, it is a sewer line problem.
  3. If your drain is slow, but all the other drains and toilets in your home work fine, you probably have an isolated clog.
  4. If you smell sewage in your home or outside of your home, your sewer line is probably leaking.
  5. If you see water damage or have a mold issue, this could be a crack in one of your sewer or water pipes. If it is a sewer pipe, you should smell an odor in your home other than mold.  Mold and sewage in your walls or under your home are hazardous to everyone in your home.  If you are getting ill, call us for quick service to fix the problem.
  6. You have a slow drain that happens regularly. Instead of using chemical drain cleaners, plunge the drain and call a plumber for drain cleaning services.
  7. A broken sewer line can cause the ground to settle in around it. If your line is broken, you may see the yard sink above the sewer line.  You may also notice the grass turning greener in one area of the lawn.  You could also notice puddles in your yard when it hasn’t rained.  These puddles can be sewer coming up from the pipe underground.

Alan’s Plumbing Service can help you with your drain and sewer problems in Salisbury this summer.  Call us to discuss your options for repairing or replacing your plumbing, so you don’t have the hassle of clogged pipes any longer.

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